Preimage Entropies of Semi-Flows
Received:December 12, 2005  Revised:December 12, 2006
Key Words: semi-flow   preimage entropy   topological conjugacy.  
Fund Project:the Tianyuan Mathematics Foundation of China (10426012); the Doctoral Foundation of Hebei Normal University (L2005B02).
Author NameAffiliation
ZHANG Jin-lian College of Math. \& Info. Sci., Hebei Normal University, Hebei 050016, China 
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      In this paper, several preimage entropies for semi-flows on compact metric spaces are introduced and studied. We prove that most of these entropies are invariant in a certain sense under conjugacy when the semi-flows under consideration are free of fixed points. The relation between these entropies is studied and an inequality relating them is given. It is also shown that most of these entropies for semi-flow are consistent with that for the time-1 mapping.
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