Extended Ces\`{a}ro Operators on $\mu$-Bloch Spaces in $C^n$
Received:July 03, 2007  Revised:January 02, 2008
Key Words: Bloch-type space   Ces\`{a}ro operator   boundedness   compactness.  
Fund Project:the Natural Science Foundation of the Education Commission of Jiangsu Province (No.\,07KJB110115).
Author NameAffiliation
XU Ning Department of Mathematics \& Science, Huaihai Institute of Technology, Jiangsu 222005, China 
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      Let $\mu$, $\nu\in[0,1)$ be normal functions and $g$ be holomorphic function on the unit ball. In this paper, we prove that the generalized Ces\`{a}ro operator $T_g:\beta_\mu\rightarrow\beta_\nu$ is bounded and compact.
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