Nonexistence of Iterative Roots on PM Functions
Received:September 25, 2011  Revised:September 03, 2012
Key Word: iterative root   PM function   fort.  
Fund ProjectL:Supported by the National Natural Foundation of China (Grant No.11201184) and the Scientific Research Fund of Sichuan Provincial Education Department (Grant No.11ZA160).
Author NameAffiliation
Lin LI Department of Mathematics, Physics and Information Engineering, Jiaxing University, Zhejiang 314001, P. R. China 
Xiaohua LIU Department of Mathematics and Information Science, Leshan Normal College, Sichuan 614004, P. R. China 
Liu LIU Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, P. R. China 
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      Many results are given for iterative roots of PM functions, a class of non-monotonic continuous functions, when the characteristic interval exists. In this paper we discuss iterative roots in the opposite case and partly answer the Open Problem 1 proposed in [Ann. Polon. Math., 1997, 65(2): 119--128].
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