New Generalized $L$-KKM Type Theorems in Topological Spaces with Applications
Received:November 28, 2011  Revised:March 27, 2012
Key Words: generalized $L$-KKM mapping   finitely closed valued   finitely open valued   fixed point   equilibrium problem.  
Fund Project:Supported by the Project 211 (phase III) of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Grant No.211QN09012).
Author NameAffiliation
Min FANG Department of Economic Mathematics, South Western University of Finance and Economics, Sichuan 610074, P. R. China 
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      In this paper, some new generalized $L$-KKM type theorems with finitely open values and with finitely closed values are established without any convexity structure in topological spaces. As applications, some new matching theorem, fixed point theorem and existence theorem of equilibrium problem with lower and upper bounds are also given under some suitable conditions. These theorems presented in this paper unify and generalize some corresponding known results in recent literatures.
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