Majorization Problems for Some Subclasses of Starlike Functions
Received:May 29, 2018  Revised:July 17, 2018
Key Word: analytic function   subordination   majorization   starlike function  
Fund ProjectL:Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos.11561001; 11271045), the Program for Young Talents of Science and Technology in Universities of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (Grant No.NJYT-18-A14), the Natural Science Foundation of Inner Mongolia (Grant No.2018MS01026), the Higher School Foundation of Inner Mongolia (Grant Nos.NJZY16251; NJZY17300; NJZY17301; NJZY18217) and the Natural Science Foundation of Chifeng.
Author NameAffiliation
Huo TANG School of Mathematics and Statistics, Chifeng University, Inner Mongolia 024000, P. R. China 
Guantie DENG School of Mathematical Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875, P. R. China 
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      In this article, we study several majorizaton properties for the subclasses $SL^*$, $SR^*(a,b)$, $BS^*(\alpha)$, $S_c^*$, $S_q^*$ and $S_R^*$ of starlike functions. Meanwhile, some special cases of our main results are given.
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