Volume 32,Issue 1,2012 Table of Contents

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Tchebyshev Approximation by $S_1^0(\Delta)$ over Some Special Triangulations
  Ren Hong WANG and Wei DAN
  Published 1月 15日, 2012
  2012,32(1):1-10 [Abstract(3160)]  [View PDF]
Equitable Strong Edge Coloring of the Joins of Paths and Cycles
  Tao WANG,Ming Ju LIU and De Ming LI
  Published 1月 15日, 2012
  2012,32(1):11-18 [Abstract(3031)]  [View PDF]
Characterization of $2$-Primal Near-Rings
  Published 1月 15日, 2012
  2012,32(1):19-25 [Abstract(2875)]  [View PDF]
Sewing Connection of Step-Step Solution for Singularly Perturbed Problems
  Ming Kang NI and V. I. GURMAN
  Published 1月 15日, 2012
  2012,32(1):26-32 [Abstract(3074)]  [View PDF]
Split Left GC-Lpp Semigroups
  Zhen Zhen LI,Xiao Jiang GUO and Zhi Qing FU
  Published 1月 15日, 2012
  2012,32(1):33-42 [Abstract(2622)]  [View PDF]
Existence of Homoclinic Solution for a Class of Hamiltonian Systems
  Min ZHU and Shi Ping LU
  Published 1月 15日, 2012
  2012,32(1):43-52 [Abstract(2541)]  [View PDF]
General Decay of Solutions in a Viscoelastic Equation with Nonlinear Localized Damping
  Xiao Jun SONG,Rong ZENG and Chun Lai MU
  Published 1月 15日, 2012
  2012,32(1):53-62 [Abstract(3037)]  [View PDF]
Uniform Attractors for a Non-Autonomous Brinkman-Forchheimer Equation
  Xue Li SONG and Yan Ren HOU
  Published 1月 15日, 2012
  2012,32(1):63-75 [Abstract(3237)]  [View PDF]
A Class of Strong Limit Theorems and Moment Generating Function Method
  Wen Han LI,Gao Rong LI and Nan Bin CAO
  Published 1月 15日, 2012
  2012,32(1):76-82 [Abstract(3042)]  [View PDF]
Compact Operators on Weighted Bergman Spaces of the Unit Ball
  Jun YANG and Yu Feng LU
  Published 1月 15日, 2012
  2012,32(1):83-94 [Abstract(3249)]  [View PDF]
Empirical Likelihood for Semiparametric Varying-Coefficient Heteroscedastic Partially Linear Models
  Guo Liang FAN and Hong Xia XU
  Published 1月 15日, 2012
  2012,32(1):95-107 [Abstract(2989)]  [View PDF]
The Strong Law of Large Numbers for $\tilde{\rho}$-Mixing Random Variables
  De Hua QIU
  Published 1月 15日, 2012
  2012,32(1):108-118 [Abstract(2718)]  [View PDF]
$C^1$ Solutions of the Iterative Equation $G(x,f(x),\ldots,f^n(x))=F(x)$
  Jing Min CHEN and Li CHEN
  Published 1月 15日, 2012
  2012,32(1):119-126 [Abstract(2997)]  [View PDF]