Volume 33,Issue 2,2013 Table of Contents

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An Efficient Variant of the Restarted Shifted GMRES Method for Solving Shifted Linear Systems
  Akira IMAKURA,Tomohiro SOGABE and Shaoliang ZHANG
  2013,33(2):127-141 [Abstract(3435)]  [View PDF 214.91 K (3048)]
A New Strategy to Construct Embedded Cubature Formulae over Two-Dimensional Regions
  Ran YU,Zhaoliang MENG and Zhongxuan LUO
  2013,33(2):142-154 [Abstract(3098)]  [View PDF 169.77 K (2193)]
On a Pair of Hyperstandard Reciprocal Relations with Applications
  Leetsch C. HSU
  2013,33(2):155-163 [Abstract(2785)]  [View PDF 132.54 K (2055)]
Second Order ($F, \alpha,\rho, d,p$)-Univexity and Duality for Minimax Fractional Programming
  Haijun WANG,Caozong CHENG and Xiaodong FAN
  2013,33(2):164-174 [Abstract(3206)]  [View PDF 151.96 K (2111)]
The Existence of Solutions to a Class of Multi-point Boundary Value Problem of Fractional Differential Equation
  Xiaohong HAO and Zongfu ZHOU
  2013,33(2):175-188 [Abstract(3387)]  [View PDF 172.25 K (2056)]
Existence of Positive Solutions for Singular One-Dimensional $P$-Laplace BVP of the Second-Order Difference Systems
  Weimin HU,Guli Bahaer and Daqing JIANG
  2013,33(2):189-203 [Abstract(3213)]  [View PDF 183.78 K (2062)]
Nonexistence of Iterative Roots on PM Functions
  Lin LI,Xiaohua LIU and Liu LIU
  2013,33(2):204-208 [Abstract(3124)]  [View PDF 140.58 K (2808)]
A Class of Compactly Supported Nonseparable Orthogonal Wavelets of $L^2(\mathbb{R}^n)$
  Yanmei XUE and Ning BI
  2013,33(2):209-220 [Abstract(2779)]  [View PDF 167.14 K (2475)]
Some Characterizations of Chains of Archimedean Ordered Semigroups
  Jian TANG and Xiangyun XIE
  2013,33(2):221-230 [Abstract(2962)]  [View PDF 135.94 K (2206)]
The Isomorphism Theorem of $*$-Bisimple Type $A~\omega ^{2}$-Semigroups
  Yu SHANG and Limin WANG
  2013,33(2):231-240 [Abstract(2786)]  [View PDF 136.19 K (2440)]
Class-Preserving Coleman Automorphisms of Finite Groups Whose Second Maximal Subgroups Are TI-Subgroups
  Zhengxing LI and Jinke HAI
  2013,33(2):241-245 [Abstract(3032)]  [View PDF 104.91 K (2955)]
Additive Biderivations and Centralizing Maps on Nest Algebras
  Xiaofei QI
  2013,33(2):246-252 [Abstract(2950)]  [View PDF 105.66 K (2497)]