The (k,l, m,n) -radical of rings
Received:January 12, 1987  
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Cai Chuanren Yangzhou Teachers College 
Zhang Pu Yangzhou Teachers College 
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      The concept of the (k,l,m,n) - radical was sintroduced by Szasz in[ 2 ]. In this paper, it is proved that the (k,l,m,n) -radical is a radical in the sense of Amitsur and Kurosh . and the structure of the (k,l,m,n) radical is given with the met hod of constructing upper radicals, for every quadruple of non- negative integers, k,l,m,n .As a corollary of the theorem in this paper, Szasz's results in [3] are imme-diately derived.It is also proved that the (k,l,m,n) radical of the full matrix ring over a ring A.
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