Linear Operators Strongly Preserving M-P Inverses of Matrices over Some Antinegative Commutative Semirings
Received:November 18, 1996  
Key Words: semiring   M-P inverse of matrix   linear operator  
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Author NameAffiliation
ZHANG Xian Dept. of Math.
Heilongjiang Univ.
Harbin 150080 
CAO Chong-guang Dept. of Math.
Heilongjiang Univ.
Harbin 150080 
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      Let S be an antinegative commutative semiring having no zero divisions or finite general Boolean Algebra and μn(S) the set of n×n matrices over S. In this paper we characterize the structure of the senigroup Nn(S) of linear operators on μn(S) that strongly preserve the M-P inverses of matrices.
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