On the Existence and Iterative Approximation of Solutions for a Class of Variational Inclusions with φ-Strongly Accretive Type Mappings
Received:June 26, 2001  
Key Words: variational inclusion   accretive mapping   φ-strongly accretive mapping   Ishikawa iterative sequence with errors  
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ZENG Lu-chuan Dept. of Math.
Shanghai Normal University
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      The purpose of this paper is to investigate a new class of variational inclusions with φ-strongly accretive type mappings in a Banach space X. We prove the existence and u- niquencss of solutions to this class of variational inclusions and the convergence of the Ishikawa iteration process with errors for approximating solutions. The results in this paper improve and extend the earlier results obtained by S. S. Chang and others.
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