Trace Identities of Non-Self-Adjoint Dirac Operators
Received:July 01, 2005  Revised:July 02, 2006
Key Words: Dirac operator   eigenvalue   residue method   trace identity.  
Fund Project:the National Basic Research Program (2005CB321700).
Author NameAffiliation
HU Xiao-yan Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Beijing 100088, China 
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      This paper deals with asymptotic trace of non-self-adjoint Dirac operator eigenvalue problem with two points linear boundary condition. The asymptotic eatimations of solution of Cauchy problem are obtained for Dirac equation by use of the transformation matrix operator. By constructing an entire function $\omega(\lambda)$, and discussing every term's coefficient of $\omega(\lambda)$, boundary conditions are turned into eight element types. By resorting the residue method, four types eigenvalue's trace identities are obtained.
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