Existence and Stability of Periodic Solutions in Delayed Cellular Neural Networks with Impulses
Received:April 02, 2007  Revised:January 02, 2008
Key Words: neural networks   periodic solution   exponential stability   delay   impulses.  
Fund Project:the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.\,10671158); NWNU-KJCXGC-212 and GS-55-CXRC.
Author NameAffiliation
LI Bao Lin Department of Mathematics, Northwest University, Gansu 730070, China 
PU Wu Jun Department of Mathematics, Longnan Teacher's College, Gansu 742500, China 
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      By using the continuation theorem of Mawhin's coincidence degree theory, H\"{o}lder inequality and some analysis techniques, some effective results are obtained ensuring existence and global exponential stability of periodic solutions in delayed cellular neural networks with impulses. An illustrative example is given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the obtained results.
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