Construction of Nonlinear Expression for Recursive Number Sequences
Received:April 28, 2015  Revised:July 08, 2015
Key Words: Fibonacci numbers   Pell numbers   Jacobsthal numbers   Lucas numbers   linear recurrence relation   Horadam sequence   impulse response sequence  
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Tianxiao HE Department of Mathematics, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL 61702-2900, USA 
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      A type of nonlinear expressions of Lucas sequences are established inspired by Hsu [A nonlinear expression for Fibonacci numbers and its consequences. J. Math. Res. Appl., 2012, 32(6): 654--658]. Using the relationships between the Lucas sequence and other linear recurring sequences satisfying the same recurrence relation of order $2$, i.e., the Horadam sequences, we may transfer the identities of Lucas sequences to the latter.
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