On Jordan Biderivations of Triangular Matrix Rings
Received:February 15, 2015  Revised:October 21, 2015
Key Word: triangular matrix ring   triangular matrix ring   derivation   biderivation   Jordan biderivation   prime ring  
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Driss AIAT HADJ AHMED Centre R\'egional des M\'etiers de l'\'{e}ducation et de la formation, Tanger, Morocco 
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      Let $R$ and $S$ be rings with identity, $M$ be a unitary $(R,S)$-bimodule and $T=\left(\begin{array}{cc}R & M \\ 0 & S\end{array}\right) $ be the upper triangular matrix ring determined by $R$, $S$ and $M$. In this paper we prove that under certain conditions a Jordan biderivation of an upper triangular matrix ring $T$ is a biderivation of $T$.
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