Volume 29,Issue 2,2009 Table of Contents

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A Class of Standard Bases of Polynomial Algebras and Its Applications
  DONG Jing Cheng,LI Li Bin and CHEN Hui Xiang
  2009,29(2):191-201 [Abstract(4470)]  [View PDF]
On Balance Index Set for the General Butterfly Graph
  WEN Yi Hui and KANG Qing De
  2009,29(2):202-212 [Abstract(4416)]  [View PDF]
An Inequality of Bohr Type on Hardy-Sobolev Classes
  LI Xue Hua
  2009,29(2):213-218 [Abstract(4552)]  [View PDF]
Some Properties of Morphisms in Effect Algebras
  ZHANG Jian Cheng and WANG Guo Jun
  2009,29(2):219-226 [Abstract(4263)]  [View PDF]
On a Class of Weakly-Berwald $(\alpha ,\beta)$-Metrics
  XIANG Chun Huan and CHENG Xin Yue
  2009,29(2):227-236 [Abstract(4636)]  [View PDF]
Triangle Evolution--A Hybrid Heuristic for Global Optimization
  LUO Chang Tong and YU Bo
  2009,29(2):237-246 [Abstract(5104)]  [View PDF]
Wavelet Detection and Estimation of Change Points in Nonparametric Regression Models under Random Design
  ZHAO Wen Zhi,TIAN Zheng and XIA Zhi Ming
  2009,29(2):247-256 [Abstract(4447)]  [View PDF]
E-H-Unretractivity of Bipartite Graphs
  LI Wei Min
  2009,29(2):257-265 [Abstract(13799)]  [View PDF]
Hopf Algebras in Group Yetter-Drinfel'd Categories
  SHEN Bing Liang and WANG Shuan Hong
  2009,29(2):266-274 [Abstract(4398)]  [View PDF]
The Sum of Standard Generalized Frames in Hilbert $W^*$-Module
  FU Huan Kun,MENG Bin and DONG Fang Fang
  2009,29(2):275-282 [Abstract(5927)]  [View PDF]
Iterative Convergence Theorems for Maximal Monotone Operators and Nonexpansive Mappings and Their Applications
  WEI Li and ZHOU Hai Yun
  2009,29(2):283-292 [Abstract(6033)]  [View PDF]
On the Sharp Upper Bound of Spectral Radius of Weighted Trees
  TAN Shang Wang
  2009,29(2):293-301 [Abstract(5634)]  [View PDF]
Derivation Algebras of Real $n$-Lie Algebras
  BAI Rui Pu and AN Hong Wei
  2009,29(2):302-308 [Abstract(5749)]  [View PDF]
The Representation of Group Inverse with Affine Combination
  SHENG Xing Ping,CAI Jing and CHEN Guo Liang
  2009,29(2):309-316 [Abstract(6091)]  [View PDF]
Graded and Nongraded Properties of Partial Tilting Modules and Tilting Modules
  ZHENG Min and CHEN Qing Hua
  2009,29(2):317-326 [Abstract(5863)]  [View PDF]
Left $\Delta$-Product Structure of Left C-Wrpp Semigroups
  ZHANG Xiao Min
  2009,29(2):327-334 [Abstract(5649)]  [View PDF]
The Crossing Numbers of Cartesian Products of Stars and 5-Vertex Graphs
  HE Pei Ling,QIAN Chun Hua,OUYANG Zhang Dong and HUANG Yuan Qiu
  2009,29(2):335-342 [Abstract(6054)]  [View PDF]
An Upper Bound for the Adjacent Vertex-Distinguishing Total Chromatic Number of a Graph
  LIU Xin Sheng,AN Ming Qiang and GAO Yang
  2009,29(2):343-348 [Abstract(6640)]  [View PDF]
Reconstruction of Non-Bandlimited Functions by Multidimensional Sampling Theorem of Hermite Type
  LI Yue Wu and FENG Guo
  2009,29(2):349-354 [Abstract(6275)]  [View PDF]
On UR-Rings
  YING Zhi Ling and CHEN Jian Long
  2009,29(2):355-361 [Abstract(5654)]  [View PDF]
The Crossing Number of the Cartesian Products of $W_m$ with $P_n$
  WANG Jing,L\"{U} Sheng Xiang and HUANG Yuan Qiu
  2009,29(2):362-366 [Abstract(5946)]  [View PDF]
The Torsion-Freeness of Partially Ordered $K_{0}$-Groups for a Class of Exchange Rings
  WU Kuo Hua and L\"{U} Xin Min
  2009,29(2):367-370 [Abstract(5933)]  [View PDF]
Improved Local Wellposedness of Cauchy Problem for Generalized KdV-BO Equation
  ZHAO Xiang Qing and GUO Ai
  2009,29(2):371-375 [Abstract(6272)]  [View PDF]
Positive Solutions of Singular Boundary Value Problems of Fourth-Order Differential Equations
  CUI Yu Jun,SUN Jing Xian and ZOU Yu Mei
  2009,29(2):376-380 [Abstract(6093)]  [View PDF]